"International agricultural journal" founded in January 1957. Quarterly scientific-industrial journal about achievements of world science and practice in agriculture.

"International agricultural journal" constantly monitors the development of the most progressive forms and methods of economic mechanism in agriculture. He deals with the problems of self-government, self-sufficiency, use of financial and credit levers, introduction of progressive forms of organization of production and labour, innovation, competitiveness and promoting entrepreneurial activity at all levels, marketing, land relations, etc.

The order of publication in the "International agricultural journal" 
The International Agricultural Journal is a scientific, peer-reviewed, electronic, quarterly journal included in scientific databases. Publications of articles in English and Russian.

The International Agricultural Journal is electronic version of the International Agricultural Journal, which has been published since 1957. ISSN 2588-0209 on-line 
You will get acquainted in detail with the list of scientific specialties on which articles are published, please follow the links: 

Economic sciences. VAK 08.00.00 
Agricultural sciences. VAK 06.00.00 
Earth sciences. VAK 25.00.00



Published: 2021-02-25

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