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Борис Александрович Воронин Ирина Павловна Чупина Яна Викторовна Воронина Елена Васильевна Зарубина Наталья Николаевна Симачкова


There are a sufficient number of definitions of the concept of "social organization", both in the publications of foreign and Russian scientists. Let us note individual authors who in their works focused on the definitions of the concept of "social organization". These are such scientists as Ardzhirisk K, Becker G, Barnard CH, Blau P, Weber M, Chiddinga F, Merton R, Parsons T, Prigogine A, Simon G, Smithburg D, Hall R and others. After analyzing the definitions of the above authors N.I. Shatalova and T.I. Volkov [11] gave their definition of the concept of social organization. Let us outline it. "The social organization of an enterprise acts as a special system of formal and informal interconnections and relations that arise in the process of role interaction of production subjects, carrying out joint activities to realize the goals of the enterprise and the interests of production subjects." According to R. Grigas [5], the functions of the social organization of the enterprise: ensuring the maintenance of labor, ensuring the professional growth of workers, improving the organization and improving working conditions, developing the production activity of workers, ideological and moral education, cultural and educational development of the psychological climate and others. Such functions are implemented, as a rule, in any production collective and this can be considered as the social organization of the enterprise.

The topic of this study is relevant, since not all enterprises operating in the agrarian sector of the economy perform the functions of a social organization in a complex, requiring the study of factors due to which certain areas of social organization are not fulfilled.

The study of the problem is evidenced by numerous scientific works of domestic and foreign scientists, in which the concept of social organization, its structure and functions, criteria and methods for assessing the effectiveness of social organization and other processes affecting the development of the social organization of an enterprise are considered.

The expediency of developing the topic of this research is due to the existing unresolved issues in defining the content of the concept of "social organization of an enterprise".

The scientific novelty of the topic is associated with research in modern market conditions and existing relations in the agricultural sector of the economy.

The aim of the study is to analyze the functioning of a socially - organized agricultural enterprise. The objective of the study is to identify factors and reasons that do not contribute to or inhibit the full organization of a social enterprise, especially in the agricultural sector.

The theoretical significance of the work is due to the possibility of using the material in economic science and research activities.

The practical significance of the study is characterized by the possibility of applying the conclusions and proposals in organizations and enterprises of the agricultural sector of the economy.

Research methods of the topic: analysis and synthesis, method of generalization, sociological and economic-legal.

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