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Марина Сергеевна Петухова Надежда Владимировна Орлова


The article provides a bibliometric and patent analysis in the field of research and development of plant protection technologies, which allows us to identify global trends and promising areas of scientific and technological development of this industry. The research revealed that in European countries, research is mainly focused on plant protection biotechnologies, and in the United States – genetic engineering technologies, the creation of new agents, as well as systems for monitoring and detecting plant diseases. In general, the following areas are actively developing in the field of plant protection in the world: biotechnologies, including biological protection products and genetic engineering; RNAi technologies that affect pest RNA; precise and differentiated crop spraying; nanotechnologies; complex plant protection products; systems for monitoring, forecasting and detecting diseases and pests; methods for protecting and managing pollinators. A comparison of global trends in the scientific and technological development of the field of plant protection and the results of the patent analysis of Russian developments allowed us to identify the most priority areas for Russia in the development of this field in the medium and long term: biotechnologies (microbiological pesticides, inducers and modulators of immunity, antistressants, inoculants of root bacteria-nitrogen fixers, etc.); complex plant protection systems that combine both chemical and biological means of protection; technologies of ultra-precise automated spraying that allow processing only weeds without affecting the crop itself; a combination of mechanical and chemical processing of fields using precision farming technology; digital technologies for early detection of plant diseases, including neural networks that can diagnose diseases.

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