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Zulfia Mudalipova Laipanova


The importance of private farms (LPC) can be correctly assessed taking into account its multilateral relationship with public production. The very high share that LPC occupies in the gross production of agriculture is achieved, to a large extent, by the benefit of the public economy. It provides LPC not only most of the feed used in it, but also helps in the construction of home areas and sale of products, sells in large quantities for cultivation at low prices piglets, poultry, etc. In turn, the population annually sells agricultural enterprises and organizations to grow and remove millions of heads of cattle and hundreds of thousands of other animals. Without the direct and indirect assistance of public production, without its reliance, the LPC could not normally operate and function. Currently, rural workers play an additional role in their income. Personal auxiliary farms are one of the main parts of the agro-industrial complex. But they occupy a special place in it, which is explained, first of all, by the form of integration, the characteristics of their development and the specificity of ties with the common economy.

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