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Николай Сергеевич Бондарев Роман Михайлович Котов Галина Сергеевна Бондарева


The article describes methodological approaches to assessing the effectiveness of regional agricultural policy, which should strive to achieve the agro-industrial complex self-sufficiency of the region with basic foodstuffs and to achieve food security at the national level. For the purpose of the study, the following are critically considered: classical, production, approach; normative, programmatic; functional, indicative; cost, costly; resource; process; expert, evaluative; economic, mathematical and integrated approaches. Based on the considered approaches, an author's modified integrated approach to assessing the effectiveness of regional agricultural policy is proposed. Methodologically, the author's approach consists of three parts: an analysis of changes in the cost-result type, an assessment of the indicative state of the agro-industrial complex economy and an assessment of state support. The presented approach makes it possible to make a significant assessment of the effectiveness of regional agricultural policy, reduce the uncertainty of the development of the agro-industrial complex of the region.

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Agricultural economics and policies


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