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Людмила Ивановна Виноградова Ольга Игоревна Иванова


The article discusses coastal protection and shore protection measures, where they are used and can be used in the Krasnoyarsk territory. The problem of coastal protection and shore protection measures is relevant today. Protection of water bodies and man-made landscapes from the forces of nature is the main task when using water resources and hydraulic structures built on them. Deformation of riverbanks and other water bodies occurs as a result of hydrological, hydrogeological, and man-made factors, such as: erosion by river flows, rising water levels, water waves, as a result of water erosion from flood or stormwater. The result of which is landslides, washouts, washouts of the banks of water bodies, subsidence of soil, formation of shoals. The purpose of this work is to consider the coastal protection structures developed taking into account the environmental problems associated with the use of water bodies. Coastal protection structures are a complex of engineering and bioengineering technologies for the protection and improvement of territories developed using new and environmentally friendly materials that are easy to manufacture, economical and efficient in the operation of structures. Examples are gabion fasteners and bioengineering technologies that are widely used abroad. Such structures are distinguished by excellent construction qualities, relative ease of construction and cost savings, they fit harmoniously into the coastal zone of any water body, and do not violate the ecological balance, reliably protect it from negative natural and man-made impacts

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