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Vladimir Sulimin


Prerequisites for the study and writing of this article was the fact that the most difficult time for domestic agriculture and rural areas is the initial period of market reforms, when in Russia began to dominate the market-oriented model of economic management. According to the author, it was minimized or were completely ignored the state regulation of agricultural production and agriculture in general. And as a result, there were many mistakes in the conceptual provisions of the reform of the directions of development of the national economic complex of the country. Author considers the issue of state support in ensuring food security, namely, existing economic mechanisms in solving the problems of the greenhouse complex. In conclusion, author argues that in order to turn our country from an importer of vegetables, flowers and mushrooms into one of world leaders in the production of protected soil, it is necessary to solve a number of problems of organizational, legal, financial and economic nature. Also reveals each problem and ways to solve it on the basis of the studied material.

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