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The article presents the results of selection in the flax oil seed Siberian Experimental Station (Omsk region, Russia) VNIIMK. Selection work on flax oil seed in the Station conducted since 1961, the main direction - the creation of highly productive mid-season- varieties with high oil content in the seeds of good quality, stability to fusarium, sloughing and lodging. Breeder's laboratory for this period created and regionalized 5 flax varieties: Isil'kul'skiy, Legur, Severnyy, Sokol, Avgust. Since 2016 the State variety testing takes new highly productive early maturing, highly stable to fusarium variety of oil flax Sapfir. Also, one of the promising areas of of oil flax breeding creation low linolenic varieties for use for food purposes. In the process selection of oil flax highly varieties sample created, with a high stability to fusarium having of linolenic acid content in the oil 1,32-31,53%. Each year, a new material that passes a rigorous selection.

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Aigera Suleimenova

Suleimenova Aigera Kenzhebaevna, senior researcher, head of laboratory of breeding and primary seed of flax, FGBNU "Siberian experimental station of all-Russia research Institute of oil crops named. V. S. Pustovoit" (646025 Russia, Omsk region, Isilkul, Stroiteley str., 2)


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