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Аlla Matveеvа Anastasia Saroupultseva


The article discusses the assessment of the reformist activities of P.A. Stolypin in the modern historical discourse, given by scientists from different countries. The methodological basis of the article is the principles of integrity, objectivity and historicism. The complex of key methodological approaches is involved: 1) axiological; 2) dialectics; 3) structural-functional; 4) ontological. Therefore, according to the authors, the personality and activity of Stolypin did not find an adequate reflection in historiography, in the modern situation of coexistence of different scientific paradigms, splitting of the cultural matrix and «mosaic» of historical consciousness , it is very difficult to achieve this. The results obtained during the study may be of interest to scientists, managers and practitioners in the development of programs, strategies, directions of development and reforming of agriculture. The main provisions of the study can be used in educational institutions in the development of teachers of various economic disciplines.

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