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Alla Murasheva Alexander Fomin Alla Vdovenk Pavel Lepekhin


The article discusses ways to obtain relevant information on the state of the natural and natural-man-made situation, which is necessary to reduce the risks of natural and man-made emergencies in coastal river areas, to promptly inform the population of an integrated system that includes federal, regional and local information centers. It was noted that to create a systematized database, the factors determining the operating conditions of technogenic systems are considered, which include, first of all, such factors as hydrological, topographical (relief), geological (soil), as well as those changes of these factors, which are determined by human intervention into nature for agricultural land development in coastal areas and other activities. Information is of great importance for the optimal management of river coastal and, above all, border areas. It is a limited and expensive resource of the executive authorities, the management bodies of various production structures, individuals and legal entities that are somehow connected by their activities to the territories located in the coastal, transboundary and border areas. Persons interested in information on the state of the coastal territories with the aim of ensuring efficient and safe activities do not have the same information, therefore its mutual exchange is necessary. In the era of globalization, the main information source is global networks like the Internet, as a single global information space. These trends radically change the approach to the information support of the activities of all governing bodies. The proposal to create an information platform for interaction of owners of data on the natural and natural-technogenic condition in a river coastal area depends on many factors and, above all, the need to process large amounts of data using big data technologies that are used to process large amounts of data in order to obtain new information and which is difficult to handle in the usual ways.

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