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Ирина Павловна Чупина Елена Васильевна Зарубина Наталья Николаевна Симачкова Людмила Анатольевна Журавлева Алексей Владимирович Ручкин


This article discusses marketing and supply cooperatives as one of the forms of activity of rural consumer cooperatives. Marketing cooperatives are one of the types of consumer cooperatives. They sell agricultural products, are responsible for the safety of these products, sort them and pack them. Also, the duties of marketing cooperatives include the transportation of products to retail outlets. They make deals with buyers and explore markets.

       Supply cooperatives are formed to purchase fertilizers, feed and other goods that are necessary for the production of products in agricultural organizations. They also provide farmers and private households with the necessary resources - seeds, feed and fuel, medical and veterinary drugs.

       Marketing and supply cooperatives are created mainly by farms. The main goal of these cooperatives is to increase the competitiveness of regional agricultural products in order to support local producers. Based on the goal, the tasks of these cooperatives are to increase the share of production in each region and create conditions for increasing the share of agricultural products in regional and intra-regional markets.

       The purpose of this article is to study the activities of marketing and supply cooperatives in rural areas. Based on the goal, the objectives of the study are to analyze the existing supply and marketing cooperatives in the Sverdlovsk region and the mechanisms for promoting products to regional markets through cooperatives. The article uses the following research methods: methods of analysis and synthesis when comparing the activities of cooperatives and the results of marketing products; the method of factor analysis is considered when analyzing the influence of individual factors on the resulting indicator.

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Land economics and policies


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