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Татьяна Васильевна Федюнина Александр Николаевич Никишанов


The current state of the water supply system of the settlements of the Volga region necessitates a set of measures aimed at increasing the water supply of the population of the Left-bank part of the region, taking into account sanitary and epidemiological standards, which will raise the level of its life support as a necessary condition for the development of agriculture.

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness of technical solutions aimed at improving the water supply of the population of the Left-bank part of the Saratov region.

The methodological tools are based on the methods of system and structural analysis, as well as integral assessment. In particular, individual design solutions and the cost of construction and installation work on the object: "Varfolomeevsky group water supply, Saratov region (construction)", passing through five districts of the Volga region, are analyzed. The project solution "Conclusion No. 737 of the Project Expertise Department of the USSR Ministry of Water Resources dated November 27, 1985" was studied. The water supply of the Varfolomeevsky municipal formation of the Alexandrovo-Gaysky district is considered in more detail (investment design "Varfolomeevsky group water supply, Saratov region (construction)". Main water pipelines in the Algai district. Water supply of the Bartholomew municipality). The source of financing for the facility is federal budget funds as part of federal targeted programs.

At the same time, the effectiveness of water supply to rural settlements in the Left-bank zone of the Saratov region is expressed through an assessment of the budgetary, economic, social and political effect: ensuring improved health (prevention of morbidity) and living conditions of the population of the region; the introduction of additional jobs; reduction of unemployment compensation payments; increase in tax revenues, prevention of environmental damage.

An integral assessment of the efficiency of using federal budget funds, which is Eint = 100%, indicates the achievement of the intended investment goals.

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Aquatic sciences and fisheries


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