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Наджаф Сабирович Тагиров Лифри Гамидович Магомедов Ульяна Аразовна Абдуллаева Назиля Тагировна Шабанова Абдулмалик Абдулхаликович Батукаев Киштили Уллубиевия Куркиев


The paper presents the results of the adaptation of various grape varieties in vivo grown in culture in vitro with further transplantation into a greenhouse for growth and development. It is shown that the growing conditions significantly affect the processes of growth and development. Grape sprouts grown by microclonal propagation were transplanted into a container – bags with perlite, followed by transfer to a greenhouse. Studies have shown that all 12 grape varieties have adapted well to greenhouse conditions. The height of the adapted plants reached 4 meters, single clusters were observed, with ripe berries.

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Crop husbandry


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