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S. Volkov E. Cherkashina K. Vasilchenko


The rational use and protection of agricultural lands is one of the key conditions for the accelerated growth of agro-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, increase of its stability, efficiency, competitiveness and ecological safety at the modern stage of innovative direction of development of the country’s economy. Lands use and condition analysis proved that as of 01.01.2018 more then 50 million ha of agricultural lands were not used, areas of irrigated and drained lands are reduced, out of 11.3 million ha of reclaimed areas 33.3% are in an unsatisfactory condition, 13130.1 thousand ha of unclaimed land shares are abandoned and unrecorded, 1062.5 thousand ha of lands are disturbed, crop rotation on area of 70.65 million ha (89 % of arable lands) is disturbed, agricultural lands continue to be degraded, bushed and overgrown with low forest cover, desertification processes are developed, 60% of agricultural lands are eroded, waterlogged, salt-affected and etc. The urgent necessity arises to define the list of priority strategic challenges, economical, organizational and administrative, legal and other kind of mechanisms, as well as the state activities and instruments ensuring the potentially productive use of agricultural lands. The land administration of the efficient use and protection of agricultural lands is one of the most important mechanisms.


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