The authors of the HAC article:
1. The HAC article should not begin abruptly with a description of the study. The applicant needs to briefly outline the novelty of the work, justify his chosen methods of solving problems. The average volume of the introduction takes 3-5 sentences.
2. The main material. As part of this section, you should indicate a short course of the study, the main points. The author needs to indicate which theories and rules he relied on, the study of the topic by other authors. You can simplify the perception by adding graphic materials into which you can put an impressive amount of information. It is important that the applicant reflects his own point of view, reinforcing the correctness of his thoughts with theoretical knowledge.
3. Conclusion. In this part, it is important to correctly formulate the main conclusions, the main result to which the author has come. It is recommended to focus on the achievement of the goal and the implementation of tasks. The applicant must propose a new method or method of solving the problem, to prove its effectiveness.
The novelty of the topic of scientific research is established on the basis of a comprehensive study of solution options. It must be considered not in relation to the problems, but in fact of the developed solution: not the content, but the technology.
The Higher Attestation Commission clearly spelled out the requirements for the novelty of the study, and determined the need for a set of new results and theses. The degree of reorganization, additions, detailing is something that falls under the concept of “for the first time”, but requires proof of the absence of such studies and results in existing print media.
It manifests itself in individual elements (concepts, experiments, laws, properties, etc.), in the union of existing judgments. Scientific positions may correspond to the concept of absolute novelty. The main thing is that the innovation is not only present, but also classified as a popular scientific element. A justification is required to prove the legitimacy of the stated criteria for conversion or detail.
The proof is based on a rigorous analysis of thematic sources of information, scientific publications, dissertation materials and research papers. The novelty of the dissertation is recognized as proven if in the work:
• arguments are presented in favor of finding other solutions to the voiced tasks;
• the problem was solved in a new way, new facts were studied;
• The latest techniques are proposed.
By transforming, detailing, or supplementing scientific knowledge, we mean the distinguishing features of a new work from existing ones. And the concept itself is reflected in the expressions: "in contrast to previously developed methods ...", etc.
The Higher Attestation Commission clearly defined the criteria for the novelty of the research topic:
• rigorous argumentation;
• a critical assessment formulated in comparison with existing solutions;
• confirmation of a practical and experimental nature;
• reliability of the results;
• the possibility of using to solve scientific and applied problems;
• originality;
• refutation of an already existing theoretical judgment;
• has not been previously considered;
• new methodological approaches to the issue under study;
• identification and description of new relationships and relationships between phenomena.
In a scientific study, at the time of determining the novelty of a topic, the existence of proven hypotheses and provisions is allowed. However, the transformation and concretization should be revealed in new factors, criteria and phenomena even with a narrowly specific focus. Thanks to this step, society and science will come closer to unraveling, creating, improving and updating what currently requires it most. To the novelty of the topic of scientific research could be identified in the intricacies and nuances, it is necessary to carry out research on their own. Difficulties at this stage, as well as the inability to describe the work done accurately and correctly, lead to misunderstanding, non-obviousness and, ultimately, to failure of the defense. The authors of the educational center who work for those who prefer professionalism to everything will help to confidently overcome all the difficulties of writing dissertational material.