Peer review assists the Editor in making a publication decision and, through appropriate interaction with the Authors, can also help the Author improve the quality of the work. Peer review is an essential link in formal scientific communication, at the very heart of the scientific approach. The publisher shares the view that all scholars who wish to contribute to publication are required to do substantial work of reviewing the manuscript.

The journal conducts double blind peer review of incoming manuscripts. The reviewer is provided for reviewing the manuscript without specifying the names of the authors. The author does not know the name of the reviewer. Correspondence between the author and the reviewer takes place through the e-mail address in the electronic edition on the journal's website.

Any selected Reviewer who feels insufficiently qualified to review the manuscript, or does not have enough time to quickly complete the work, should notify the Editor of the Journal of International Agricultural Journal and ask him to exclude him from the review process of the corresponding manuscript.

Any manuscript received for review should be treated as a confidential document. This work cannot be opened and discussed with anyone not authorized by the Editor.

Manuscript requirements and objectivity
The reviewer is obliged to give an objective assessment. Personal criticism of the Author is unacceptable. Reviewers should clearly and reasonably express their opinions.

Recognition of primary sources
Reviewers should identify significant published works that are relevant to the topic and not included in the bibliography of the manuscript. Any statement (observation, conclusion, or argument) published earlier must have a corresponding bibliographic reference in the manuscript. The Reviewer should also draw the Editor's attention to any significant similarity or overlap between the manuscript in question and any other published work within the scope of the Reviewer's scientific competence.

Disclosure Policy and Conflicts of Interest

Unpublished data obtained from submitted manuscripts cannot be used in personal research without the written consent of the Author. Information or ideas obtained during the review and associated with possible benefits must be kept confidential and not used for personal gain.

Reviewers should not participate in the review of manuscripts in the event of conflicts of interest due to competitive, joint and other interactions and relationships with any of the Authors, companies or other organizations associated with the submitted work.