About our journal

Founded in January 1957 two-month scientific and industrial journal about achievements of world science and practice in agriculture, is produced in A4 size 64 bands, volume 10 study-ed. L. the Magazine is distributed in Russia, other CIS countries and abroad by subscription.

"International agricultural journal" is included in the approved by the Presidium of the HAC Ministry of education and science in December 2015."The list of leading reviewed scientific magazines and editions in which should be published basic scientific results of dissertations on competition of scientific degrees of doctor and candidate of science" database of International information systems for agricultural science and technology AGRIS, FAO of the UN and in the Russian index of scientific citation (RISC).

"International agricultural journal" constantly monitors the development of the most progressive forms and methods of economic mechanism in agriculture.He deals with the problems of self-government, self-sufficiency, use of financial and credit levers, introduction of progressive forms of organization of production and labour, innovation, competitiveness and promoting entrepreneurial activity at all levels, marketing, land relations, etc. 

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The editorial Board devotes a considerable space of land relations and land management, highlights the features of the agrarian and land reforms in countries with different development orientation, the most progressive forms and methods of improvement of economic mechanism, with respect to large cooperative farms and individual farms.

Keeping mainly the international aspect of its publications, the journal widely covers the achievements of Russian science and practice, specific to certain regions, attaches great importance to maintaining food security in Russia, cooperation of the CIS countries in the fields of agriculture.

The journal has following sections:
-earth sciences;
-agrochemistry and fertility;
-agricultural sciences;