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Мария Вячеславовна Кагирова Юлия Николаевна Романцева Софья Олеговна Семенова


The effectiveness of the development of organic production in Russian agriculture depends on the possibility of expanding the segment of users of products by using them as a raw material base in the production of food for people and animal feed. Information technology makes it easier to access information about a product, its origin, certification and other important details. The creation of specialized online platforms and websites dedicated to organic products allows consumers to receive information about available products, their characteristics, certifications and reviews from other users. This makes the process of choosing organic products more convenient and affordable. The article is devoted to the development of an information system in the form of a website for the sale of natural dog food made from organic products using resource-saving technologies. The main development tools are freely available software tools (local web server Open Server Panel, Notepad++ editor, MySQL database; programming languages PHP, HTML, CSS, Python), which ensured a low cost of the system compared to those on the market similar software products. The use of the developed system is aimed at bringing to the consumer goods produced on the basis of organic raw materials, as well as complete information about the content of the product, production technologies by certified manufacturers, which is the basis for the popularization of organic products.

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