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Е.П. Евтушкова


Differentiated approach to the state cadastral valuation is very relevant today, because to perform accurate and reliable assessment requires initial data on soils, qualitative and quantitative characteristics. Today the method of mass assessment and homogenisation of all indicators is used, but there is a problem of individual approach to each land plot. A land plot has its own characteristics, types of soils, groundwater level, humus content, etc. and at the same time differ in its actual state of use. Therefore, when determining the cadastral value, it is necessary to take a differentiated approach to the assessment of each land plot. The purpose of the study is to improve methodological approaches in the state cadastral valuation (SCV) of land. Object of work: agricultural land plots in Berdyuzhsky district. Subject of work: methodology of differentiated approach to determine the State Cadastral Valuation of agricultural land. The research was carried out on the basis of the Order of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography of 4 August 2021 N P/0336 "On Approval of the Methodological Guidelines for State Cadastral Valuation". The average indicator of cadastral value in 2016 was 1.47, for 2020 increased by 0.02, which indicates an increase in the basic indicators of cadastral valuation of agricultural land.  In the context of soil differences of Berdyuzhsky district, the basic gross income (BGI) and specific gross income (SGI) were calculated, according to the results of which the final specific indicator of cadastral value was determined. In the course of calculations, soils with the highest BVR and GVR indicators were identified: ordinary and dark grey forest chernozems, with the lowest indicators: fine meadow solonchak solonchak heavy loam. The differentiated approach to soils will allow more detailed and qualitative fulfilment of the state cadastral assessment of agricultural land.

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Agricultural economics and policies


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