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Дмитрий Михайлович Слобожанин Татьяна Алексеевна Афанасьева Михаил Викторович Кондратьев


The analysis of the current state of rural areas of the USA is presented, it is shown that agriculture plays a relatively small role for them, but it is distinguished by exceptionally high labour productivity and provides employment for the population. These results were achieved both due to technological transformations in the agrarian sector of the US economy and due to the support of small business, which provided a variety of spheres of activity in rural areas and created the basis for better utilisation of natural, climatic and other features of states or individual territories. Modern spheres of rural management in the United States are identified, including farm development, community infrastructure, and non-farm business. In all cases, the basis of rural development policy is the use of concessional lending, which, in conjunction with the historical peculiarities of the formation of rural management policy, allowed us to develop a number of recommendations for Russia. They include, first of all, the use of concessional lending for rural economic development by state-owned banks, whereby concessions can be provided through refinancing mechanisms and loan products can include such areas as agriculture, non-agricultural business and communal infrastructure. Выделены приоритетные для большинства сельских территорий сферы малого бизнеса, которые должны получать преимущественную поддержку. Также отмечена необходимость льготного кредитования для поддержки технологических преобразований. Сделан вывод о необходимости институционального развития сельских территорий, прежде всего, поощрения конкуренции, а также сервиса и специализации производителей. Отмечена необходимость поддержки форм бизнеса в зависимости от специфики конкретных сельских территорий.

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Land economics and policies


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