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Александр Юрьевич Павлов Александр Юрьевич Киндаев Мария Семеновна Кудашева


The article is devoted to the issues of efficiency of production and sales of organic products. Using the example of growing spring peas, a comparison was made of a farm working using traditional technologies with an organization that switched to organic agriculture. It was revealed that traditional technology makes it possible to obtain higher yields and, accordingly, greater sales volumes, but the income from the sale of products is higher in the production of organic matter. This is due to higher selling prices for organic products, which requires access to appropriate distribution channels. The main feature of the sales market is the high geographic concentration of consumers and the average price of organic products exceeding traditional ones by 1.5-8.5 times. In this regard, more than 70% of total sales come from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Organic products are mainly sold through retail chains, specialized stores owned by manufacturers and online stores, which are undergoing intensive development as part of digitalization. The creation of consumer marketing cooperatives has been proposed as the most promising sales channel for farms.

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