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Наталья Николаевна Симачкова Ирина Павловна Чупина Елена Васильевна Зарубина Людмила Анатольевна Журавлева Наталья Борисовна Фатеева


The forest fund is one of the most valuable natural resources of the country, with enormous ecological, economic and social significance.

The protection of forest lands is one of the most urgent and important problems in the Russian Federation. Forests play a key role in maintaining ecological balance, providing natural resources and creating a favorable environment for the life of many species of plants and animals. However, despite the importance of forests, the protection of forest lands faces various problems, such as illegal felling of trees, uncontrolled use of forest areas and insufficient financing, includes a set of measures to prevent illegal deforestation, protect against fires, control the use of forest areas and combat illegal timber extraction. However, despite the adoption of legislative acts and the development of appropriate programs, the state of protection of forest lands still raises serious concerns.

The authors considered the issues of legal regulation of the protection of forest lands in the Russian Federation, the state and factors affecting the problem of protection of forest lands, existing mechanisms and tools for the protection of forest lands. Prospects have been identified and recommendations have been made to improve the protection of forest lands in the Russian Federation.

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