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Наталья Николаевна Глазунова Анна Владимировна Хомутова Юлия Александровна Безгина


The article presents data on the study of the effect of bioinsecticides on the dynamics of the number of the bug of the harmful turtle (Eurygaster integriceps Put.). The obtained research results showed that the varieties do not affect the biological effectiveness of the drugs used, both biological (BioSleep BW and BioSleep BT) and chemical (Altalf and Actara), against the bug of the harmful turtle. BioSleep BW bioinsecticide with a rate of application of 3 l / ha has an average effectiveness against the bug of a harmful turtle – 59.6–71.0%. Due to the morphological and physiological characteristics of the variety, the pest population in agrobiocenoses of such varieties is initially lower before processing. Therefore, with the same effectiveness of the insecticide after treatment, the number of phytophages in crops of resistant varieties is 25-33% lower. This creates an opportunity in crops of resistant varieties, in our case Vassa, with the help of the BioSleep BW bioinsecticide, to control the number of harmful turtles at an economically insignificant level.

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Crop husbandry


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