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Наталья Николаевна Симачкова Ирина Павловна Чупина Елена Васильевна Зарубина Людмила Анатольевна Журавлева Наталья Борисовна Фатеева


In modern society, the issue of the use of lands of specially protected areas (hereinafter referred to as protected areas) is gaining increasing relevance. Under the pressure of economic development and the desire to increase the area for development and agricultural needs, there is a need to revise the categories of protected areas, which, as a rule, are areas with unique natural complexes, which makes them indispensable for maintaining ecological balance and biodiversity.

However, the process of transferring land from one category to another is overgrown with many legal and environmental formalities. The regulation of this process requires a thorough analysis of the possible consequences for the environment, as well as taking into account the interests of all stakeholders, including government agencies, the public and the private sector. The complexity of the problem lies in the need to find a balance between socio-economic development and the preservation of natural values.

In the article, the authors have identified the role and importance of specially protected areas in modern socio-economic processes. We conducted a legal analysis of the transfer of OOT lands to other categories, focused on the impact of the transfer of OOT lands on the environment. We have proposed a balanced approach to the transfer of OOT land plots to other categories.

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Land economics and policies


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